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AirLoc - innovative products for leveling and vibration isolation engineering

AirLoc product overview

Since 60 years the name AirLoc stands for high-quality products in the areas of vibration isolation engineering, structure-borne noise control and precise machine leveling. With the latest production capabilities, AirLoc produces high quality products at cost effective prices with short lead times.

Machine setup technologie, isolation pads, wedgemount precision levelers, jacmounts

Machine setup technology

A broad range of products available from stock is the basis for an economical product selection, high delivery reliability and an excellent reputation with our customers worldwide.

Foudations for machines by AirLoc

Vibration isolation for equipment foundations

AirLoc is a leader in the area of foundation isolation systems for equipment requiring inertia base vibration isolation. Systems can be designed to provide specific natural frequencies and off-set load distributions, when required. AirLoc provides detailed drawings and instructions for quick and easy installation of the base and sidfewall isolation system materials.



AirLoc LLC
5 Fisher Street
P.O. Box 269
Franklin, MA 02038 USA

+1 508 528 0022 
     +1 800 922 3019
+1 508 528 7555



New machine mount type 500-Qfixx

With the new type 504-EcoFixx AirLoc offers a  Wedgmount® Precision Leveler for for precise leveling, ideal stability and non-skid properties.

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